Useful Links

This page provides links to other, external sites that provide useful information.

The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy is my professional Association, setting standards for my work and accrediting my qualification as a Psychotherapist. This link is to the BACP website which provides a great deal of information for clients as well as therapists.

The PSA was established by the UK Government to ensure that the public is able to check the competency of therapists to provide services. This link facilitates a check on my accreditation.

The NHS is recognised world-wide for the professionalism of its services and advice. This link is to the NHS web page that provides general information on the nature and usefulness of counselling services. I include it here as an independent source against which my own web page content can be verified.

The NHS provides access to counselling that is free, so it is often worth speaking with a GP to see if this can be accessed. However, long waiting lists are common because of the limited availability of appropriately skilled NHS therapists. The NHS also tends to follow the medical model of diagnostics and treatment, which often not the most effective approach. Private counsellors tend to be more flexible and client-centred than NHS therapists as we are trained differently and have more freedom in selecting appropriate therapy methods. The choice is yours.

I recommend strongly that all clients speak with their GP either before beginning therapy or soon after starting, as it is a good idea to check whether any physical condition may be having an effect. Conditions such as thyroid problems, diabetes, iron deficiency and so on, if they exist, affect our mental health and can be treated by medication or changes in diet. It may be that a combination of medical treatment and counselling is most effective.

I am not qualified to offer medical advice. Many of my clients are prescribed psychoactive medications by the NHS and find these helpful in stabilising their mood and other symptoms. Some clients find that medication is not helpful. Either way, these medications are palliative and do not provide a long term cure; whereas therapy aims to provide permanent solutions to mental difficulties, without side effects.

I have been a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development since 1994. My earlier career was in Personnel Management and Training, General Management and Organisation Development Consultancy. I maintain my membership as it supports my ability to provide the most informed support in respect of work-related issues.